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Secret Investigations : Nemesis Secret of the Depths

You are a writer in this game who is trying to solve some uncovered cases and is writing short detective stories based on them. Investigate crime scenes for clues, search for hidden and concealed objects and prove your keen eye for detail!

Reveal the mystery of the mythical fish playing this addictive hidden objects game. Arnold is into fishing for very long. He happened to go through, to see or hear a lot in his lifetime. Once on his fishing trip he found a track of ancient mythical fish.

Magic Halloween Secret Investigations

Celebrate Halloween with the absolute gem of a match-three game! Help Casper, to make the funniest Halloween party ever and to defeat the monsters who want to spoil the festivities!

Become the next Sherlock Holmes and find all the evidence that will ultimately lead you to clear the case! Start solving mysteries with this thrilling detective hidden object adventure.

Mysterious Passenger The Mystery of Room 13

In Mysterious Passenger your task is to prevent the metro attack. Johnny is a taxi-driver and once he encountered the strange passenger. The dangerous adventure begins! The impressive artwork and intriguing storyline combine into thrilling experience of an unforgettable hidden object game.

Reveal the mystery of the room 13 in the brilliant hidden object detective quest. Gustav is the manager of the ancient European hotel. Once a kid from the room number 13 was kidnapped. Help Gustav find the boy and save face! Test your detective skills while playing this amazing puzzle game.

Rainforest Jewels Dracula Solitaire

Play addictive beautiful match 3 puzzle game in the tropical forest and show your matching skills! The great match-three game more challenging and addictive than ever! Your goal is to create horizontal or vertical lines of three or more jewels of the same color and type.

Challenging but engrossing rendition of everyone's favorite card game Solitaire. The Dark Forces have changed you into a vampire and you have to go to the lands of Werewolves to become a powerful vampire lord. Let the adventure begin!

Deadly Epidemic Missing Elephant

Save the world from the deadly virus while playing the addictive and amazing hidden object puzzle game! Henry is a virologist and once he has discovered the dangerous virus in the hospital. His task is to take the antibodies and synthesize the antivirus. He has to go to Africa.

Vanessa works in the circus and once the elephant Lizzie has disappeared! Join Vanessa in her investigation to solve the mystery of the elephant kidnapping! The impressive artwork and intriguing storyline combine into thrilling experience of an unforgettable hidden object game.

Egyptian Curse Letter From The Past

Mary works in the Historical Museum and once she’s discovered that the Egyptian sarcophagus was opened and the mummy disappeared! Search various pleasing hidden object scenes to unlock secret clues, reveal evidence, and solve mystery of the mummy loss in the challenging and amazing game!

Once a postman discovered the old letter sent to the duchess who was poisoned hundred years ago. The police wasn't able to find the killer. The curious postman wants to find out who was the poisoner and the reasons of this crime. Would you like to take part in this challenging detective quest?

Space Kidnappers Twilight Crime

The space kidnappers abduct rich people but why are they so interested in our earthy money? Are you ready to investigate this unusual case? Do you have detective skills? Look for all hidden and concealed objects in different locations to get clues and evidence and to unravel the mystery of kidnappings.

The parents and townspeople believe the child was killed by the local vampire. Help the innocent vampire Dorian save his reputation and find the real kidnapper! Find evidences and stop the criminal playing this challenging hidden object game with multiple puzzles. Test your detective skills and have a lot of fun!

Ancient Jewels 2 Ancient Jewels 3

Great sequel of addictive puzzle match 3 game by GameGlade.com. This time Ancient Persia proposes its mysteries for you, be ready for thrilling and absorbing adventure.

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The Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, who is celebrated for her beauty and intelligence, reveals her mysteries to you. Take part in this addictive and thrilling jewel adventure and discover Cleopatra's treasures!

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